Saturday, February 13, 2010

25 Random things about me...

Ok so Julie from the awesome Handmade Market and Shop Handmade and my lovely friend Jennie from Posie patchwork both tagged me to do this list..... Frankly I stuggle with these lists how can I possibly have 25 interesting things to say about myself?? Anyhow I gave it a good shot...

1. I have a wonderful husband who was my first real boyfriend
2. My husband and I have been together since I was 19
3. I have the most amazing children (don't all mother's think so?)

4. I'm about to open a shop with the fabulous Julie Nichols called Shop Handmade...sooo excited!
5. I used to be a really good gymnast, but had to retire due to a spinal injury
6. I HATE cockroaches!!! I saw creepshow when I was way to young I think.
7. I started sewing when I was 15 because I couldn't find a formal dress to fit my super muscly gymnast body.
8. I'm really inspired by people who are creative, open minded and generally just happy.
9. I'm make children's clothing under the name Little Angel Little Devil
10. I'm frustrated by people who think the world owes them a favour and who are not happy for other peoples success's!
11. I used to live in Sydney and loved it.
12. But am happy to be able to raise my children in a home that has a big back yard...not possible in Sydney unless we had squillions...
13. Sadly I am really into the whole vampire thing, that said I'd never dress myself or my daughter like a vampire trashy die hard...what is about little girls clothes at the moment?? ohh yeah that's why I make Ruby's clothes!
14. I have only ever been to Fiji and hope to travel more one day!
15. I'm addicted to shoes, handbags and jewellery.
16. I have no family here in Canberra and sometimes feel realllly lonely because I love them all stacks and yes we are all really good friends!
17. That said I do have some amazing friends here in fr-enemy's anymore!!!
18. I love to wash clothes but HATE putting them away!!
19. I used to be a dedicated smoker, maybe that's why I always have to do things with my hands....
20. I don't watch sports like football in any capacity but become an expert in all sports when the Olympics are on..or so I like to think.
21. I have the ability to change radio stations with my mind! creepy yes, electronics and I don't mix.
22. I'm naturally blonde but prefer myself with dark hair.
23. I hate hate hate it if my feet are dirty! my hands also but they are easier to wash a thousand times a day!
24. My perfect night is and has always been... a lovely meal with a glass of wine with wonderful nightclubs for me, that's my idea of a horrible night!
25. This is first time I have ever done a list like this and it took me ages...hope you learnt something new. XX Rach


  1. Oh, love it, i met my husband as a teenager as well. Love that you are also a lounge EXPERT in all Olympic sports, me too, shall we watch the Winter Olympics together, i can barely ice skate & have never skiied, but that won't stop me judging!! Do you want to borrow my Twilight DVD?? That's as into vampires i am, oh we have True Blood but geesh, not for the light hearted. I can't watch that alone. Love you Rachel, you're awesome, love Posie

  2. Love your list! I'm inspired to write my own now.

    I'm checking out your blog because little Ben has outgrown his LALD clothes (after two seasons since moving to England!!!! How is that for getting your money's worth?). Congrats on the shop. Looking to order online (well e-mail). Kate


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