Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Handmade Market does it again!

Handmade Market does it again!

Wow Wow Wow, is all I kept hearing all day from customers at the market, wow at the fantastic new venue Kamberra Wine Company, wow at the amazing shopping and wow from the new stallholders who simply couldn’t believe that Canberra can bring out 10 thousand people to a market event, not to mention how many people who traveled from Melbourne Sydney, Brisbane, Perth – (I Know!!) these are just some of the people I talked to!

The Handmade Market is seriously not just any ordinary market, it takes months to organize, the variety and the quality of stallholders is a delicate balance and one that Julie and her team work very hard on. I think the results speak for themselves.

I was there promoting Shop Handmade and was thrilled to find that soooo many people already knew about us and were seriously excited by our new venture. The shop of course will have the Handmade Market presence, in that some of your favorites will be in store! But we have heaps of new amazing talent from clever people who simply are unable to travel to be part of the market or simply can not produce the sheer volume to accommodate the thousands of customers that attend this amazing event!

The Shop is starting to take shape,.. I’m off to Sydney today to pick up some furniture and will post up some progress shots of the shop later this week.

Massive thanks to Tania McCartney for the wonderful support and beautiful photo’s she took, here are some for you to look at. Check out her beautiful blog for more!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Handmade Market this Sunday!!!

Super busy, super excited getting ready for the Handmade Market this weekend. Little Angel Little Devil will not be making an appearance this time around; instead I will be having a Shop Handmade stall. So please stop by and say hi and feel free to ask me any questions about our new shop! Only a little over 2 weeks before we open!
Cheers Rach

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pretty Packaging

My husband thinks I’m a little strange, I love packaging!! I know its no good for the environment so I reign myself in and only allow myself to submit to paper…. I have been known to buy something from a shop simply because the paper bag in comes in or the gift wrapping is so divine.

That said, opening a shop and having a world of ribbon, paper, bags and cards etc is a dream come true! I’ve had to be sensible!!!! And start with a few basics which arrived on Friday of course I couldn’t wait to start playing around with it all…so here is a sneak preview.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Canberra Times article equals a full inbox!

Wow the response from the Canberra Times article (Monday the 8th) has been huge, our inbox has had quite the workout!!
There are soooo many clever people around! The shop is going to be filled with so many things made with real love!

I’m super lucky to have a fantastic arsenal of wonderful friends who are lending their support! Steve and Genie have been playing around with our Shopgirl and here are a couple of ideas…

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Applications are rolling in!!!

I've had 4 mornings this week, where I have woken up at 4am -PING!! wide awake unable to sleep with my mind racing. The response to the Shop has been amazing, applications are simply streaming in!! in fact 2 arrived withing 12 mins of sending out the application form!
So busy busy busy!!!
The shop now has a lovely new ceiling and lighting...we've had our first media stint with the Canberra Times...not sure how the photo's going to look as it's been a while since I was in front of a camera!
Anyhoo, must run lots to do. Wish me luck!! xx Rach

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shop Handmade postcards ready!!

Ok so the dates are set for the opening of the shop!!!
Time to get super busy creating an amazing space for the amazing people who have submitted applications for the shop.
Not to mention getting ready for the Handmade Market at the Kamberra winery on Sunday March 28

Saturday, February 13, 2010

25 Random things about me...

Ok so Julie from the awesome Handmade Market and Shop Handmade and my lovely friend Jennie from Posie patchwork both tagged me to do this list..... Frankly I stuggle with these lists how can I possibly have 25 interesting things to say about myself?? Anyhow I gave it a good shot...

1. I have a wonderful husband who was my first real boyfriend
2. My husband and I have been together since I was 19
3. I have the most amazing children (don't all mother's think so?)

4. I'm about to open a shop with the fabulous Julie Nichols called Shop Handmade...sooo excited!
5. I used to be a really good gymnast, but had to retire due to a spinal injury
6. I HATE cockroaches!!! I saw creepshow when I was way to young I think.
7. I started sewing when I was 15 because I couldn't find a formal dress to fit my super muscly gymnast body.
8. I'm really inspired by people who are creative, open minded and generally just happy.
9. I'm make children's clothing under the name Little Angel Little Devil
10. I'm frustrated by people who think the world owes them a favour and who are not happy for other peoples success's!
11. I used to live in Sydney and loved it.
12. But am happy to be able to raise my children in a home that has a big back yard...not possible in Sydney unless we had squillions...
13. Sadly I am really into the whole vampire thing, that said I'd never dress myself or my daughter like a vampire trashy die hard...what is about little girls clothes at the moment?? ohh yeah that's why I make Ruby's clothes!
14. I have only ever been to Fiji and hope to travel more one day!
15. I'm addicted to shoes, handbags and jewellery.
16. I have no family here in Canberra and sometimes feel realllly lonely because I love them all stacks and yes we are all really good friends!
17. That said I do have some amazing friends here in Canberra...no fr-enemy's anymore!!!
18. I love to wash clothes but HATE putting them away!!
19. I used to be a dedicated smoker, maybe that's why I always have to do things with my hands....
20. I don't watch sports like football in any capacity but become an expert in all sports when the Olympics are on..or so I like to think.
21. I have the ability to change radio stations with my mind! creepy yes, electronics and I don't mix.
22. I'm naturally blonde but prefer myself with dark hair.
23. I hate hate hate it if my feet are dirty! my hands also but they are easier to wash a thousand times a day!
24. My perfect night is and has always been... a lovely meal with a glass of wine with wonderful friends...no nightclubs for me, that's my idea of a horrible night!
25. This is first time I have ever done a list like this and it took me ages...hope you learnt something new. XX Rach

Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Big Big News!

Well hello there, I'm sorry I've been away for sooo long!! The end of 2009 was simply crazy!! I had so much work to do which was great but exhausting, at the end of it all I had to have a massive rest from the sewing machine (I think the machine was also simply incapable of sewing another stitch!) The other reason for my absence is massive news which I've been unable to fully disclose until now.... I am opening a shop with the fabulous Julie Nichols the mastermind behind the Handmade Market!!!!!!

So Introducing......................

Shop Handmade is an extension of the very popular Handmade Market established in 2008.

Shop Handmade is an exciting new concept store created to showcase the amazing talent of Australian artisans.
Shop Handmade is located on City Walk in Canberra’s CBD, Shop 20 Allara St on the corner opposite The Canberra Centre Civic and Glebe Park.
Shop Handmade has been established to support and compliment the highly successful Handmade Market. We are seeking applications from designers and artists who have a unique handmade range of products, which they make themselves or are highly involved in the design process. All sales are commission free.Acceptance into Shop Handmade is judged on an individual basis & by appointment only.
Our shop will be beautifully merchandised by our resident stylist who is a professional interior decorator. The shop will be divided into assorted areas and positions designed to show case your products for sale. These include shelves, racks, individual wardrobes, partitions, lockable glass cubicles, wall space and shop front windows. Designers have the opportunity to lease their desired area or position in 2 or 3 month contracts. Included in the lease is insurance, advertising, our sales assistants, customer service, point of sale, administration & packaging (conditions will apply for large products or products which require delivery).
This generous retail space has a 7m glass frontage with an inviting exterior to attract the high volume of pedestrian traffic. SH will open its doors Monday to Saturday with knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated sales assistants to ensure SH becomes a destination shoppingFor more information please email us here

Visit our blog at http://shophandmadecanberra.blogspot.com

Congratulations also to Julie who has finally (through exhaustive meetings and sheer iron will and determination!) managed to find a venue in Canberra for the next Handmade Market!!!

It is impossible to believe that finding a venue is so difficult yet it is!! There are soooo many things to consider... With over 10,000 people visiting, the market needs to have Indoor and Outdoor areas suitable for the fantastic stallholders that also allows the wonderful people of Canberra to be able to shop around with out being too overcrowded.

Where oh where in Canberra is there such a place that can facilitate the parking, allow food vendors, is pram and wheelchair friendly, is central to all, and beautiful???

But find a fantastic new venue she did! the Kamberra Wine Company. Has beautiful function rooms overlooking lovely gardens and ticks all the boxes with the new venue offering more room for customers as well as easy access and free parking.

So the dates are set! Mark them on your calender, checkout http://www.handmademarket.com.au/ and sign up for the newsletter to make sure you miss out on nothing!

Market Dates for 2010
Handmade runs quarterly
Sunday March 28
Saturday June 5
Saturday September 11
Saturday December 4