Saturday, March 6, 2010

Applications are rolling in!!!

I've had 4 mornings this week, where I have woken up at 4am -PING!! wide awake unable to sleep with my mind racing. The response to the Shop has been amazing, applications are simply streaming in!! in fact 2 arrived withing 12 mins of sending out the application form!
So busy busy busy!!!
The shop now has a lovely new ceiling and lighting...we've had our first media stint with the Canberra Times...not sure how the photo's going to look as it's been a while since I was in front of a camera!
Anyhoo, must run lots to do. Wish me luck!! xx Rach


  1. How exciting. We had our swimming carnival yesterday so sent my wishes for yesterday!! Good luck, can't wait to be part of it all, love Posie

  2. Wasn't it so great to finally get IN THERE!!!
    And so it begins! xxx

  3. Aww, goodluck! How exciting! x


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