Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Handmade Market does it again!

Handmade Market does it again!

Wow Wow Wow, is all I kept hearing all day from customers at the market, wow at the fantastic new venue Kamberra Wine Company, wow at the amazing shopping and wow from the new stallholders who simply couldn’t believe that Canberra can bring out 10 thousand people to a market event, not to mention how many people who traveled from Melbourne Sydney, Brisbane, Perth – (I Know!!) these are just some of the people I talked to!

The Handmade Market is seriously not just any ordinary market, it takes months to organize, the variety and the quality of stallholders is a delicate balance and one that Julie and her team work very hard on. I think the results speak for themselves.

I was there promoting Shop Handmade and was thrilled to find that soooo many people already knew about us and were seriously excited by our new venture. The shop of course will have the Handmade Market presence, in that some of your favorites will be in store! But we have heaps of new amazing talent from clever people who simply are unable to travel to be part of the market or simply can not produce the sheer volume to accommodate the thousands of customers that attend this amazing event!

The Shop is starting to take shape,.. I’m off to Sydney today to pick up some furniture and will post up some progress shots of the shop later this week.

Massive thanks to Tania McCartney for the wonderful support and beautiful photo’s she took, here are some for you to look at. Check out her beautiful blog for more!



  1. Rach it was lovely to meet you on Sunday. The market was a huge sucess and I had the time of my life surrounded by a lovely group of women like you and Julie how could I not. Looking forward to catching up about the shop soon.

  2. Yay, Rach! It was AMAZING. Loved it and I, too, was stunned at the myriad of people who had travelled to Canberra just for Handmade!! I couldn't believe it - PLUS several 'girls weekends away' that were planned to coincide with Handmade. How cool is that?

    Happy Sydney travels and see you soon! Tx

  3. hi Rachel - I popped in to the shop this week and it is fabulous. You were busy serving so I didn't get to say hello. I will be back for sure. in case you aren't sure - my Ned is in kindy with one of yours.

  4. Hi Rach...thanks so much for calling in!!! I'm too looking forward to catching up and having a glass of bubbles with you...Have organized respite care for JoJo so I'm all set!!!
    Absolutely loved the market on Saturday...looked for you but couldn't see you!!! See you soon...Dzintra♥x


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