Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Canberra Times article equals a full inbox!

Wow the response from the Canberra Times article (Monday the 8th) has been huge, our inbox has had quite the workout!!
There are soooo many clever people around! The shop is going to be filled with so many things made with real love!

I’m super lucky to have a fantastic arsenal of wonderful friends who are lending their support! Steve and Genie have been playing around with our Shopgirl and here are a couple of ideas…


  1. Rach - I bet you are beside yourself! That is just SO exciting! You are going to have goodies busting out the door! I am SO happy! Well done, girl! x

  2. Super awesome people attract greatness, der, of course your InBox was full of people wanting to be part of it. Oh, practising my smile for counter sales at the Shop. Love Posie

  3. The people you find on the internet! Wondered why I'd hardly seen you up at the school, congratulations on your new venture, sure it'll be a raging success


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